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At Bersee Legal, we have experienced solicitors available
to assist and advise you about organising a Will, and
other estate planning documents such as Advance Care Directives and Powers of Attorney.

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A Will is so much more than a document stating who will receive your assets and belongings after you die. It's a valuable form of personal security that protects those nearest and dearest to you.
Individual Wills starting from $220 (incl. GST)
Couples Wills starting from $400 (incl GST)

Advance Care Directives.
Individual Advance Care Directives from $165 (incl GST)
Couples Advance Care Directives from $330 (incl GST)

Enduring Power of Attorney
Individual Power of Attorney $130 (incl GST)
Couples Powers of Attorney $260 (incl GST)

Estate Planning Package
Individual Will. Advance Care Directive & Enduring Power of Attorney from $495
Couples Wills Advance Care Directives & Enduring Powers of Attorney from $950
A will is a written document which sets out how you wish to distribute your personal effects and assets (‘your estate’) after you die. Your estate includes any property, real or personal together with cash, savings and investments that you own at the time of death.

Time and time again at Bersee Legal our wills and estates lawyers deal with estate disputes which could have been avoided had the deceased made a valid, clear and concise will prior to their death. This can cause a lot of stress and heartache for loved ones, who should be grieving. We therefore take the time to understand what it is you want to achieve when distributing your assets, and explain to you the options and ways in which this can best be achieved. There is no arrangement which is too complex.

Our wills and estates lawyers recognise that families are dynamic and unique, and that you want a will which is tailored to you and your family which may include second marriages, step-children, former spouses or members with a disability or vulnerability that needs to be catered for.