Civil Litigation

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Civil Litigation occurred when two or more parties bring a dispute in to the system of the Australian Courts system. At Herman Bersee we are experienced litigation lawyers who can assist you or your business when you are faced with a difficult situation.

We are mindful that as a law firm we offer a service, not a product. As every client is different, our services must be tailored and modified to meet your specific needs and meet your performance benchmarks. At Herman Bersee we are results focused.

Litigation can last from just a few months to a number of years depending upon the complexity of your case. It is therefore very important that all options are canvassed with you by an experienced litigation lawyer to ensure that the cost, resources and possible outcomes are available to you and can be carefully considered before committing to the litigation process. At Herman Bersee Solicitors we not only focus on how to achieve the best results in Court, but also provide you with the best advice and strategies to achieve a satisfactory settlement.

Our solicitors have also successfully advised on a number of appeals when the lower Court decision is not satisfactory and a decision is able to be challenged.